Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Son-Rise New Frontiers course

We are really excited. Finally confirmed that we shall be attending the Son-Rise New Frontiers course in London (June 7-11 2010). And it is all due to Caudwell Children. We cannot thank them enough. Without their help, attending the course was totally out of the question as we would not have been able to afford the £1,647 cost per person. They are paying 80% of the cost which comes to £1,317.60 per person.

They had also paid for the Son-Rise Start-up programme which we had attended in January this year.

Despite their help, we still had some problem coming up with the rest of the money for both of us - a total of £658.80 as it is the end of the month. Fortunately the guys at The Option Institute refunded the booking fees and my wife's scholarship money just came in.

I can't wait to complete my PhD and start earning. There are so many things we would have liked to try out for our son if it was not for the financial constraints.

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