Saturday, 6 February 2010

Son-Rise Start-Up London: Final Day

I finally got the chance to update my blog. This week has been a whirlwind of sleepless nights as I struggled to clear my backlog of work that had accumulated during the past week we were in London for the Son-Rise Start-up.

Anyway, the final day of the programme was about sharing, Q&As and a round up of what we had learnt.

Top on the list of learnings from the course for me was the change in attitude. Not to be sorry. Try to be genuinely happy and not to be affected by the situation. When ever I am faced with a situation which is not going my way, I remember William and the question "So what?" and try to remain positive, though that can be hard sometimes.

There was one session where we had to write a letter to our children, pouring out our hearts to them. It was a very emotional. I tried my best to hold it but in the end the tears just ran down my face without me even realising it.

I didn't want to share my letter to Imaan with the rest because I was afraid that the tears would start falling and it did when I listened to the other parents. Here is what I wrote:

Dear Imaan,
You have changed our live in such a beautiful way. Your smiles and laughter makes my day come alive after a hard day's work. We are so lucky to have you. Otherwise our lives would have been so different - so boring.

It has changed me for the better. I have become a better man - a real man. Now, I see the World is such a beautiful place.

You are so innocent and I am sure that you will remain your beautiful self forever. I love you so much and we will face the future together.

I wanted to end here but the words don't stop. There is so much I want to say. I can't wait for you to talk back.

I was sad and felt hopeless. Now I am a different man. I am optimistic and have bright hopes for the future. I see you as a blessing in our lives. You have made it so much richer, so much more beautiful. I can't wait to get back and get a glance from you - a smile from you.


We made loads of friends and am still in contact with several of them. The volunteers were great and we received loads of valuable advice.

Some people emailed me asking how much the whole programme cost us. Actually 80% of the total cost ($2500) was funded by Caudwell Children. That seems like a lot of money  and yes! it is in fact a lot of money. We might not have attended the programme if we had not received the scholarship but it was worth every penny.

The guys from Caudwell were there as well and they received a standing ovation - they deserve it.

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