Sunday, 17 January 2010

Toileting achievement

Something amazing happened today. We have been trying to toilet train our son for quite sometime without much success. The problem is that he doesn't communicate when he wants to go.

What we do is take him to the toilet at regular intervals and when we see some signs - like when he rushes upstairs. 

However today we had a breakthrough. He was with his mother in the bedroom when he suddenly said Poo Poo. My wife called me to take him to the toilet. When I got upstairs I found out that he was already on the toilet set with his pants off (he took it off by himself) and doing his business. When it was done he had a really pleased look on his face and clapped his hands in glee. I clapped as well and praised him and kissed him.

It's an amazing feeling. Hope he continues doing it from now on.

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