Friday, 29 January 2010

Son-Rise Start-Up: Next 3 days highlights

I can't believe it but tomorrow is the last day of the Son-Rise Start-Up programme in London. We have made several new friends. One of the thing we realised in the past 4 days is that even though all of us have autistic kids with their unique characteristics, many of us share so many similar experiences and issues. For example, Bryn (or was it Michael) mentioned something about our kids going over and suddenly taking food from stranger's plates in restaurants - something that we have experienced a couple of times, and we saw several couples looking and smiling at each other.

The second day we found out what it was like to have stims or "Isms" as the guys from Son-Rise put it. A lot of people thought it was comforting, relaxing, one lady said that it made her headache go away, I thought it was hypnotic.

The Third day I missed the morning session because I had a seminar in the University but my wife was around. I later joined her after lunch and we talked about changing our attitudes - to be unrealistic, optimistic about our kids. We discussed what we would things we would most like to achieve with our children in the next 6 months. Also helpful were the suggestions and comments from other parents about the stuff we gave the lowest points - ones which we felt would be difficult to achieve.

Just realised that as I write this, it's past midnight and now the last day. Yesterday was about getting volunteers to help us carry out the Son-Rise programme - an idea that I was not really comfortable with. I mean, how do I get people to come over to our house and spend time interacting and trying to interact with our children. Now, I have some ideas how to go about it.

Looking forward to the last day of the Start-up programme here in London.

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