Monday, 25 January 2010

First day at Son-Rise Start-Up programme in London

Took the train from Greenwich to London Bridge in the morning - supposed to reach around 9:40am.The registrations were until 10am. However, we got lost somehow even though my wife had been at the venue before. Was halfway across the London bridge when my wife decided to ask someone and we realised that we were going in the wrong direction and further away. Finally reached the venue - Glaziers hall a few minutes lat , wet and cold. Bryn had already started and we sat in the back.

What followed was several hours long inspiring and thought provoking lectures from Bryn and her husband, William, with a short lunch break in between.

One of the things I realised was how difficult it was for us to loosen up - to express our excitement. I guess a few years of stress does that to everybody. It did feel good to be able to act weird with more than 100 other people. How were we supposed to get our son to open up to us when we were getting more and more frigid day by day? Really thankful to Bryn and William for opening our eyes.

On the way back my wife and I was discussing how we needed to change - the way we interacted and behaved with the kids, with each other and in fact our whole outlook on life. On the need to be more positive, optimistic and supportive.

Definitely looking forward to day two as well as three, four and five of the programme.

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