Tuesday, 19 January 2010

About the search for an "Autism drug"

Read this article titled "The Hunt for an Autism Drug" in the online version of BusinessWeek.

This hope this results in a change in the thinking of health care professionals - I mean I hope they see autism as soemthign that can be treated and cured and not something we "just have accept and to live with".

I now believe in biomedical intervention after seeing the positive changes in my son as well as in other autistic children (based on evidence posted by other parents).

One part which I really found interesting was "President Barack Obama allocated $60 million of stimulus funds to the autism research pool and earmarked $1 billion for studies extending through 2018". Does show that the US Government thinks that this is an area of concern. I wonder whether Gordon Brown or his colleagues are thinking about this epidemic as well.

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