Thursday, 5 November 2009

Toilet training woes

It's been a while since we first started toilet training but we are still facing problems. At home we make sure that he goes to the toilet regularly and we look out for signs - he goes up the stairs or he stops and makes a strange face and so on. The problem is that he doesn't communicate that he wants to pee or poop and if we are not careful, he would have an accident.

I guess it's really difficult for him as he has to get used to three different settings - at home and two different nurseries. And I am not sure whether everyone is following the same routine leaving him thoroughly confused.

Yesterday, the key worker at one nursery and the outreach worker from other together decided he's not ready yet and to go back to wearing nappies. I don't really want to go back to wearing nappies again as of late, he's been doing so well. In fact he hasn't had a single accident the past few weeks. A word with the Deputy director of the autism services here revealed that she also felt that it would be a step backward.

I called the nurseries and told them that I want to continue with the toilet training. One agreed but the key worker at the other nursery gave some excuses saying that they are now having mixed sessions with reception class kids and that they don't have enough staff, blah, blah. I didn't want to be rude to someone taking care of my kids but I was thinking to myself - that every school has a minimum staff to children ratio and lack of staff is clearly not acceptable, more so as their nursery is a Sure Start nursery accountable to the local council. It is not like we are sending our son for free - we are paying £115 every week and I am really disappointed.

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