Thursday, 26 November 2009


We are now fully implementing a strict Gluten Free Casein Free (GFCF) diet. We also try to consume organic food most of the time. Of course, once our son is in the nursery, it's out of our control as organic food is perceived to be more expensive. We have also started the Scotson's therapy on our son.

However, he has been suffering from chronic constipation for about 2 weeks now. It's strange because he taking a lot more fibre now. Reading up on the net made us wonder whether this is part of what is called Yeast die-back effect.

We have been giving him a lot of water, coconut juice as well as soya milk. However, there seem to be no change. Last week I sent an email to Linda Scotson at the Advance institute and Lily, her daughter called me up yesterday. She recommended reducing the massages to 2 minutes with 1 minute breaks. She also recommended we try out OxyPowder - a colon cleanser. Coincidentally, my wife had already ordered OxyPowder before hand.

Trying it out now. No change so far.


The Oxypowder worked but after 2 days. He had loose motion for 2 days and we stopped the Oxypowder. He's passing motion normally now.

Updates on Sept 2012

TACA has some helpful tips to address constipation:

Here are more ideas from Dana:


  1. How is your son now? Inshaallah he will be fine soon. I am just getting worried about him? I am praying for him.

  2. How is he feeling now? Any improvement?


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