Friday, 23 October 2009

A bad night

Yesterday, my son came back from nursery. The nursery report said that he had a good day, had been interacting with other kids and repeating some new words - marble, ball, etc.

Threw the usual short tantrum as soon as he entered the house - throwing himself down on the corridor an kicking his legs and crying. He does that regularly now and I wonder whether he releasing all the pent up frustration. He became cheerful again after a hug and a bottle of milk.

Had a bath with sodium bicarbonate later and fell asleep soon after that around 7pm.

At around 1am we changed his nappies and put some warm clothes on when he suddenly woke up. He was coughing and had a blocked nose. He said "nyok, nyok" his word for milk. Gave him milk and he wanted to be cuddle. Normally even if he wakes up at night, he would go back to sleep after a short cuddled but tonight was different. He simply refused to go back to sleep.

I gave him some Medised pain an fever relief sugar free as I suspected he was having a sore throat and for the blocked nose as well.

Started crying soon after we stopped responding to his various requests - carrying him, more milk, etc. and then he started crying and screaming. My wife rubbed some relaxation massage oil over his body and while doing so thought that his tummy felt blotted and gave a hollow sound when tapped. Maybe he had a stomach ache because of wind in his tummy or the wind was because of the crying, we have no idea. However, rubbing a special baby oil, my mum in law had bought from Malaysia seemed to help. He finally fell asleep in his mother's arms around 3 am in the morning.


Woke up quite early today and he was an angel again. While eating soya yoghurt he had good eye contact and said "more" when he wanted more.

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