Saturday, 17 October 2009

Aggressive behaviour - Is Glutamine responsible?

After making tremendous progress we noticed that our son has become quite aggressive and his nursery has reported an increase in cases of hair pulling (other kids') as well. He suddenly seems to be getting sensitive to noise and other stimulations. For example, he was closing his eyes when we went outside. Whenever he got back from school, he would roll on the floor and cry. Getting him to pee in the toilet also became really difficult.

You can imagine how worried we were at these signs of regression.

We were wondering whether any of the supplements has caused the sudden change in behaviour. Our prime suspect was the BioCare MindLinx Glutamine with Probiotic bacteria food supplement.

We have done some research and it seems that Glutamine is bad for people with ASD.

According to Dr. Russell Blaylock, people with autism and/ or ADHD should avoid glutamine even for short term.(source)

Patrick Holford, the nutritionist has also added that glutamine may be contra-indicated with children with ASD.
"Digestive enzymes provide assistance by helping to break down food making the nutrients more available for absorption and relieving the strain on the digestive system while it recovers. The amino acid glutamine is an important gut healing nutrient but may be contraindicated in autism because some autistics have protein deamination problems leading to production of ammonia which doesn’t mix well with glutamine. (source: Food for the brain)

There are feedback from parents as well:

"Within 30 minutes of taking the supplement, his behaviour changed beyond recognition. His stammer almost disappeared, his speech was clear, even his skin looked better. And after two months, that hasn't changed. The effects of serine worked on him MUCH better than Ritalin (Concerta), which we took him off. We tried adding glutamine, but he went OTT." (Source:

Another one from the Another from Autism
"Glutamine: Glutamine enhances gut glutathione production. (Note from Autism Coach - glutamine can be problematic for some children within the autism spectrum.)".

Anyway, two days ago we decided to stop using the BioCare MindLinx supplement.

Our son is much calmer today, more aware of his surroundings and definitely has more eye contact. Maybe we started off with too high a dosage (half a tea spoon with his soya milk) but we don't want to take any chances. We have now ordered VSL3.

Till that arrives, the only probiotic he's going to get now is from his Alpro Yoghurt.

We now give him home made SCD yoghurt from Goats milk using Organic Sheep Milk Live Yoghurt as starter.

UPDATE 17/06/13: We are using 3 kinds of probiotic now. Cytoflora, Culturelle and Custom Probiotics CP1. No SCD yogurt for Imaan as he is on GFCFSF diet now.
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