Tuesday, 7 April 2009

More eye contact and pointing

It's amazing the development we have seen in our son in the past few weeks.

He's interacting with us a lot, pointing at stuff and making a lot of eye contact.

He understands when we tell him to wear shoes and to give us a kiss. He will even point to flowers when we ask him "where are the flowers?". However, the most amazing thing is when he looks at my eyes and smiles.

He's learnt how to do a high five and I have to do it when ever I drop him off at school in the morning. He still does not speak but he has made good progress with the PECs as well.

His teacher told me that he has been using it to tell her that he want to play with bubbles and even once used it to show that he wants to wash his hands.

We have come to the end of the early bird sessions provided by the Autism Support Services and now seriously considering sending him to an enhanced nursery.
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