Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Lot more eye contact

I started this blog as a diary to record my thoughts, experiences and highlights as my son grows up but I some how lost interest as I wasn't able to see any progress in my son.

However that has changed in the past week or so. No there's a lot of eye contact and he even started saying words. For example, Mam mam for food, baloon, aeroplane, etc though not perfect but in his own way. I also notice that he has become really independent. Running in to his class when I drop him off at the nursery, eating, pulling off his pants and so on.

He loves music and singing nursery rhymes - Old MacDonald had a farm being his favourite. When ever we sing the song, he will join in with the chorus singing "Eeya, Eeya oh".

He has been on a Gluten Free Casein Free diet for quite sometime. We stopped giving him bread, Pizza and other wheat based food. It may be a coincidence but he started suddenly showing some sings of improvement in his speech skills after that.


  1. Is he still on GCFC diet. How old is he? My son is just 3.

  2. Yes. We were not that strict before and we are strictly enforcing it now.


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